Eastern Nazarene College Athletic Mission Statement

Pursuing Excellence | Service to God and Community

The Eastern Nazarene College Athletic Department mission is captured in two key phrases: Pursuing Excellence – Service to God and Community. These statements reflect a desire to use our talents and abilities to honor Christ through the core values of Faith, Academics, Competition, and Service. Achieving these goals requires a commitment to purposeful and continual growth throughout the department.

Faith:  We seek to foster a distinctly Christian living and learning community in order to guide student-athletes to grow in their faith. Individuals are challenged to understand and deepen their relationship with God, learning how that will be manifested in their daily lives.

Academics:  We view athletics as part of the educational experience that extends formal academic learning. The model applied is one of transference, where athletic participation enhances academic performance. Academic success is defined as achieving one’s very best in effort and outcomes.

Competition:  Our student-athletes and coaches know that athletic excellence is an expected outcome. To achieve comprehensive excellence, it is necessary to be successful in competition while building individuals with strong character and integrity. We work to develop character in our student-athletes that can be witnessed in sportsmanship during competition and commitment to the team.

Service:  The opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics is a privilege that also comes with responsibilities. Our desire is to recognize the importance of looking beyond ourselves and find ways to serve God and community. Following the model of Christ, we are devoted to the development of servant-leaders as a central part of the athletic experience.

The ENC Athletic Department offers numerous opportunities that enhance the student-athlete experience and supports the mission of the college. Across all 15 intercollegiate programs, the athletic department is committed to equitable treatment and opportunities for all participants in adherence to the NCAA Division III Philosophy.